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On many occasions you may need to have data stored in an outside database but integrated with your data on your website. We have experience integrating Airtable with website data.

Airtable is a super easy-to-use online cross reference spreadsheet builder with a database to store and retrieve your data to manipulate it the way you need. If you are using Airtable, Moore Tech Solutions can help you to pull that data from your online spreadsheet into your websites database to display and use that data on your website however you’d like.

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Airtable is an online data manipulation tool

What Is Airtable?

Spreadsheets and Databases Combined

Although Airtable comes built in with some prefab templates to get you started, their tools are so easy to use and understand that you can build whatever you’d like, online, with no software to download. You can build a project management system, a wedding planning program, or even your own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.

Easily Display Your Data

After you setup the information to collect, you can display that data in different views. Some of these come built in like image tiles and calendar views. With its easy drag and drop flexibility you can do pretty much anything you would like.

Embed It onto Your Site

Going one step further, Airtable will also allow you to embed your data onto your website. Your “Base” (this is what Airtable calls your Airtable database) can be embedded with just a few point and clicks.

*An Airtable account is required for integration

Airtable Integration Pulls Data Into Your Website

Although Airtable does allow you to embed custom made forms (made in Airtable) and views that are created with Airtable, you really can’t style the output to look like the rest of your site. It also doesn’t have a way to integrate that data in your website’s data.

We can write a custom Airtable integration to bring over the data you house in your Airtable database and display that data any way that you’d like to use it.

Database driven Content Management Systems, like Joomla and WordPress are perfect platforms for displaying Airtable data.

Create online directories, work flows, and image galleries for displaying your favorite art works.

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