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Most business people are quite comfortable calculating the return on investment on a new product, a new real estate development, or perhaps a new piece of equipment in their plant.  Are you measuring the return on investment in your website? 

A necessary first step toward getting a hand on how valuable your website is to your organization is to check your site traffic.

  If you are not monitoring your traffic you should be!  There are a wealth of tools you can use (the most popular being Google Analytics - which is free) that will allow you to monitor a variety of statistics including number of site visitors, number of unique visits, where your visitors are coming from, and how they are moving through your site.

Back into your cost per visit by taking the cost of your website amortized over its useful life (time between replacement or upgrade), add in your monthly hosting cost or other cost such as certificates for SSL and unique IP addresses, and divide this number by your total number of visitors or unique visitors per month.  This will give you the cost per visit.  You may be surprised at how low this cost is -making your website much more valuable than you had thought!

Now that you know how many visitors are coming to your site and what that visit costs, it is time to make sure they find what they are looking for.  That will be the subject of a future post or if you are impatient, please contact us for a site evaluation and recommendations.

But don’t just take our word...

I cannot express how pleased I am with this company, their services and quality of work. They finished my project in record time and were in direct communication with me the entire time. I've already emailed them asking to send me an entire list of their services! Will definitely use them again when I can. Fantastic experience. Wish every company was like this! 5 STARS!

Creek Stewart
Survival Instructor /Author/TV Personality

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