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PHP Based Custom Development & API Integrations

At our core we are PHP developers. PHP is a language that many web technologies are built with. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are all written with PHP so we can perform almost any requirement needed to not only extend these content management systems, but create any new PHP requirement you need.

We are based in the USA. When you call us you will speak with an American developer who can speak to you about every detail of your requirements, answer any questions you have about the project as a whole, and who fully understands your needs.

Things We Commonly Do

Open API Integrations

We can connect a third-party platform into your website in order to combine data across both systems

Database Manipulation

We can use the data that is housed within your site’s database to perform custom processes that you define 

Extension Customization

Does your plugin or component only get you part of the way there? We can make it do what you need.

Platforms We Commonly Work With

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We are well versed in Joomla’s MVC code and know how to write customizations in a manner that are secure and can survive an update. 

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WordPress hooks and functions make it a flexible tool that can be developed to perform almost anything you can envision.

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Zoom Online Meetings

Creating online meetings and scheduling conference calls can be integrated into your website’s flow using Zoom’s open API

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Recurly Recurring Payments

Managing multiple recurring payments and plans can integrated into your website for order/account creation and order management

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AirTable Online Database

No need to keep data in two places. If you have a base within AirTable it can be used to populate rich text on your website using its open API

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Presswise is a print production and order fulfillment system used in the printing industry. We can send your online orders to your PressWise account

And The List Goes On and On…

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