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Google My Business Setup

Google My Business  

Setup & Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) allows you to create a free business listing on Google. When used correctly GMB can be valuable tool to promote your business, increase your revenue, and provide valuable information about your customer base.

On GMB you can display important information about your business including business categories, opening/closing times, answers to frequently asked questions and images which may help promote your business. 

The GMB Listing is a valuable and convenient tool to help you promote your business and establish your brand.  We can help you setup, optimize, and even manage your listing!

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Important Google My Business Activities


Claim Your Listing

Find your business on and Create/Claim your GMB Page.

Add Your Information

The more information you provide GMB about your business the greater the benefits you will receive.


Monitor Your GMB Page

Make the most of your business listing by providing up to date and accurate information.

Google My Business Questions

Can I "self-manage" my Google My Business Listing?

You can manage your own GMB listing but it takes a lot of time to stay up to date on Google’s changing features and, guidelines.

I have a very expensive website, isn't that enough?

Many searches are now “zero-click” which means the user finds out what they are looking for without clicking through to a website. Your optimized GMB page gives them the information they need so that you don’t lose them! 

Do I own my GMB page?

If you set the page up you own it.  If we set it up for you we grant you administrative rights and will remove our administrative rights on your request.

What are insights?

Google My Business can provide you with information about how your page is performing. It can display the number of times it comes up, if site visitors took actions, and how they found you.

Do you go over my GMB Insights with me?

Google will send you a very easy to read email that has data about your page performance. It is easy to read and no help is necessary to understand it.

What GMB Services Does Moore Tech Solutions Offer?

We can help you get started, provide monthly reporting, and even provide scheduled page updates!

  • Claim Your Listing
  • Set up and Optimize your Page
  • Provide monthly reporting on GMB activity
  • Make page updates on request
  • Provide monthly page updates


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