No Ads on Right Hand side of Search Results

Football Search Results no right column

Google has said they may also show 4 ads instead of 3 at the top.

Exceptions where ads may be shown on the right side are Knowledge Graph results and product listing ads. View an exception here.

Why the change?

Last year, Google announced that they were seeing more searches on mobile devices than desktop.  While desktop searches have also been increasing as a percentage of the whole  it has dropped.  The removal of the right side ads will make the desktop and mobile search results more closely aligned.

What is the impact on organic search results?

Organic results will be pushed down the page.  On mobile devices some organic results may not even make the first page!  For those who have not been considering paid search results it may be time to include that in their strategy.   Closer attention will also need to be given to organic results also as the first few positions have become even more important.


This gives you more reason to consider paid ads but they may also become more expensive.  Branding becomes more important as it will be easier to be found if people are searching for your brand.  Conversion becomes more important.  If someone sees your company or organization in search results they need a compelling reason to take the next step.