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HTTPS and Google

Google announced in mid 2014 that they would start using HTTPS as a ranking signal.  This means that sites connecting to the web via HTTPS might fare better in rankings than those connected via HTTP. Initially it affected only a small number of sites but Google indicated that over time, they might decide to strengthen it so as to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Should you make the switch for your site from HTTP to HTTPS?  Here are some guidelines from Google to consider.

  If you decide to make the move you will need to purchase a security certificate issued by a certificate authority. They will take steps to make sure your web address belongs to your organization. There are various types of certificates available depending on your requirements.  Your web server will need to support HTTP Strict Transport Security and your host will likely require a dedicated IP if you don't already have one.

Once your certificate is installed you will have to take several steps to insure that your rankings on your HTTP site are not negatively impacted.  This may involve changes to your htaccess file and 301 redirects.  Your traffic may temporarily fluctuate during the site move but if you use best practices to make your site secure you should avoid the common pitfalls. Once you have completed this task you will know that your site is more secure for your visitors and also benefit from any increased rankings which may result from Google or other search engine whose algorithms use the HTTPS connection as a ranking factor

Moore Tech Solutions has experience with making sites secure with HTTPS.  If you would like to discus adding this level of security to your site feel free to contact us.


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