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How to create an iphone or android home screen icon

How to Create an iPhone or Android Home Screen icon

Have you ever noticed that when you save some websites to your phone’s Home screen that some websites have cool icons while others either use a mashed up screen shot or just plain placeholder image? Wouldn’t it be cool if your viewers could download a direct link to your website and place it on their home screens? Well this tip is going to show you how to do that.

If you follow these steps you can create and link to a cool icon for your website and learn how to download it to your phone’s home screen!

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Idevaffiliate setup & recurly integration

iDevAffiliate Setup & Recurly Integration

CREEK STEWART trusts his instincts for survival and trusts Moore Tech Solutions for his affiliate programming.

Creek is the founder of Willow Haven Outdoor Survival & Preparedness Training Facility in central Indiana. 

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How does your website rank?

How Does Your Website Rank?

Keywords, Keyword Phrases, Long Tail, Short Tail, Search Result Rankings, Results…….aaargh!  WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO RIDICULOUSLY COMPLICATED?

Ok, now that that is out of my system, the title of today’s post is a subject that is important to most organizations that have a website.  The question to be answered is “How does my site rank in search engine search results for keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to my business? 

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Reasons for your website to be mobile friendly

Reasons for Your Website to be Mobile Friendly

We have discussed on this blog the change in viewing habits to mobile devices and the need for your website to be mobile friendly.  More than 50% of website visits are being initiated from mobile devices so it is very important that your site respond to the device viewing the site by presenting the site in a visually appealing fashion.

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Cool! Joomla icomoon fonts

Cool! Joomla Icomoon Fonts

At Moore Tech Solutions, we love our icons. We use them all the time because they are easy to manipulate with css, they are screen reader friendly for the vision impaired, and they work well with responsive design. Joomla comes with a core set of icons from IcoMoon, but locating a directory for the icon library that Joomla! uses is a difficult thing to find.

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Your site should be secure (use https)

Your Site Should be Secure (use https)

You have likely heard of encryption or been cautioned to look for “https” in your browser bar when going to a website, particularly if you are going to make an online purchase.  What does this mean and how does it help secure my transaction?

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Site speed is a google ranking factor

Site Speed is a Google Ranking Factor

Have you ever been to a website, whether looking up weather, news, or searching for a particular answer to a question and experienced a slow response? Of course you have.  What was your response? Perhaps, if the information was important you hung around, waiting for the site to load so that you could get your answer. But if you needed a quick answer to something which was important to you, you likely went to another site that could give you what you were looking for.

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Real estate website options explained

Real Estate Website Options Explained

You have a Real Estate company and you want to put your listings into the MLS and have it display on your website. You don’t want to enter it into the MLS and then have to enter in the same information (images, fields, address, everything) in again on your site.

Your MLS is using a piece of Real Estate software developed to make it easy for you to add in your listings and then have those listings display within the MLS, on any site that displays that MLS, until they are removed or sold.

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Successful website design and development

Successful Website Design and Development

Website design and development is both an art and an exercise of rigid discipline. Indeed, visual appeal plays a significant role in attracting readers, but that is only half of the story. Once site visitors have been attracted to your website you need to add value to...

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The myth about easy wordpress updates

The Myth About Easy WordPress Updates

At Moore Tech Solutions, we try to encourage our clients to become familiar with their websites once they have been built and launched. Not dissimilar to owning a car, a website owner should take a bit of time to just poke around to see what basic parts they have....

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How to stay essential in a socially distant world

How to Stay Essential in a Socially Distant World

If the Coronavirus has taught us anything it is that “essential” has staying power. Amidst the challenges of trying to preserve one’s health, trying to be socially responsible, and trying to not seem too casual or too dramatic, we also have to deal with the question...

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Why is my google map broken?

Why Is My Google Map Broken?

Google is now charging for using its mapping services, but it gives you a credit to pay for most or all of the quota. If you have a standard website with average traffic then it will probably not use enough resources to actually get billed. However, Google wants your...

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How to add a link to your instagram story

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

Adding links to your Instagram story can have a huge impact on your conversion rate – that is, it will help significantly to turn your views into actual money! You can add to your story, post new photos, and even go live, but if your audience has nowhere to go, how...

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Web design in birmingham al – 15 years and counting

Web Design in Birmingham AL – 15 Years and Counting

Can you believe that Moore Tech Solutions has been serving our clients for over 15 years? Where does the time go? After designing and building hundreds of websites for clients, not only in Birmingham Alabama, but throughout the United States, we have been honored to help our website clients expand out across the web.

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