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Responsive design: importance explained

Responsive Design: Importance Explained

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design means that a website has been developed to provide an optimal viewing experience across a broad range of devices including desktop computer monitors, popular tablets or pads, and popular mobile devices.  With a responsive website design you don’t have to worry about having different websites for different devices. Responsive sites provide a consistent user experience across devices.

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Not monitoring your website traffic – big mistake!

Not Monitoring your Website Traffic – Big Mistake!

Most business people are quite comfortable calculating the return on investment on a new product, a new real estate development, or perhaps a new piece of equipment in their plant.  Are you measuring the return on investment in your website? 

A necessary first step toward getting a hand on how valuable your website is to your organization is to check your site traffic.

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The top 5 common website seo problems

The Top 5 Common Website SEO Problems

In evaluating sites for basic SEO preparedness we first look for some basic and easy to fix items.  We are often surprised that even very large companies with undoubtedly expensive websites miss some of these essential items.  They are also easy for you to check.

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Visitors are great – conversion is critical

Visitors are Great – Conversion is Critical

Once your site is optimized, you want to work on the conversion aspect. When a visitor arrives you should make sure that they can easily find what they are looking for and when they leave you will hopefully have moved them into the prospect or customer category.

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Keyword selection basics

Keyword Selection Basics

Having the correct keywords on your site is the biggest driver of your having acceptable search engine results.  A keyword is a word or phrase that someone might enter into a search engine when looking for a product or service.  Think of the keywords that relate to your business or organization and write down a list of 5 or 10.  Then go to a keyword analysis tool such as the one offered by Google and enter in your keywords.

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3 seo website improvement tips

3 SEO Website Improvement Tips

We are going to begin a series of blog posts regarding SEO basics.  Some recommendations we make are easy to implement while others will be more difficult and may require the help of a consultant. For this post we concentrate on three high level areas where you should concentrate your efforts.  These areas are: Optimize, Convert, and Promote.

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Www or non-www: choose one!

WWW or Non-WWW: Choose One!

For your site type in “”.  Look in the address bar where your site name is…is the “www” still there?  Now, type in “” without the “www”.  Check again for the “www”.

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Website design – push and pull basics

Website Design – Push and Pull Basics

You only have about 10 seconds to satisfy a site visitors curiosity before he runs out of patience. If a user visits your site from a Search engine search (Google, Bing, etc) there is always a little anxiety that user experiences when selecting a site from a list.

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Gdpr & eprivacy for u. S. Based websites

GDPR & ePrivacy for U.S. Based Websites

So, you are sitting in your office trying to get caught up on your never-ending pile of work and all of a sudden you get an official looking email from Google letting you know about their new GDPR policies. The first thing you think to yourself is, “What is GDPR and how does it affect me?”. Well, that is a mighty good question, one that many American companies are going to be asking of themselves over the next few weeks as we get closer to May 25th, the official deadline for GDPR compliance. Read on so that we can help you to navigate the murky waters of the GDPR, what it means to you, and who is affected by it.

What is the GDPR?

In an effort to help citizens of the EU, new data privacy and protection regulations are going to be enforced through the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The goal of the GDPR is to strengthen and unify data protection for citizens of the EU, whether they visit a EU based website or a website based abroad.

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What to expect from moore tech solutions

What to Expect from Moore Tech Solutions

Have you ever experienced the irritation of your car pulling to the left or right as you drove down the highway? The wheels were likely not “aligned” which means they were not set up correctly to propel your vehicle efficiently. While you probably ultimately reached your destination there was certainly excess wear and tear on your tires and vehicle. 

What does the dog waiting to be taken for a walk have to do with expectations? 

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How google emphasizes encryption

How Google Emphasizes Encryption

In an earlier post we discussed the fact that Google is using HTTPS as a ranking signal.   This means that sites connecting to the web via HTTPS might fare better in search results than those connected just via HTTP.  

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How to get a free business listing on yahoo

How To Get a Free Business Listing on Yahoo

Not too long ago, customers would look through paper phone directories when looking for a business.  Currently most people use online searches to find the business they are looking for. 50 percent of customers will typically visit a business they have found through a mobile search within one day. 

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Find your ftp login for godaddy – a how to guide

Find Your FTP Login for GoDaddy – A How To Guide

When is the last time you need to find something but simply can’t spot it? Whether it is a car key, a cell phone, or a destination on the old-fashioned map, not being able to find what you’re looking for can be extremely frustrating.

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Angie’s list is now free – what should you do?

Angie’s List is Now Free – What Should You Do?

Angie’s List has recently removed their paywall. This means that you can now become a member without paying their annual fee. Also, reviews are now accessible to the general public. Now that reviews can be seen by all, not just paying users, what actions should you consider?

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