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A Variety of Support Options

Your online presence may be fairly simple and straightforward or it may present a technical challenge with various components of a solution needing to work precisely to achieve the desired results.  At Moore Tech Solutions we work to provide client support which is tailored to their specific needs.

For the majority of our clients we provide providing hosting using one of our exceptional hosting providers. As part of our basic hosting package we provide an annual site backup with appropriate software updates.  For those clients who have sites with fairly static content, this is usually sufficient.

Clients who have active sites receiving significant traffic or which are frequently updated with new content may require a closer watch on backups and software updates.  We have support plans available for those clients.

For projects that don't have an agreed to proposal with a fixed price we offer pre-paid bundles.  This can be attractive to a client when there is ongoing work required of MTS.

One advantage of using the Joomla content management system is that it is designed to make it relatively easy to make basic site updates and content additions.  We typically provide training for our clients at the conclusion of a development effort (one hour on the phone with shared screen is usually sufficient!) and also recommend training  and education resources for those who want to take a deeper dive into Joomla or other web development disciplines.