Franklin Electric Cooperative

screenshot of franklin electric utility home page web design

Franklin Electric Cooperative is a member of the Central Services Association. They needed a website that  would allow their staff to easily make daily changes to information on the website including local news, weather forecasts, and topics of local concern. Additionally, they wanted to make documents available for download including Standard Operating Procedures, Meeting Minutes, and a Calendar of Events. It was also important to them to communicate to customers the different options available for paying their bill. In addition to these requirements, Franklin Electric wanted the website to be developed to be accessible so that navigating and reading the website would be easy for those who are vision impaired.

Moore Tech Solutions has had the opportunity to work with several utility companies including water and sewer boards, electric utilities, and gas utilities and our team is experienced in building sites which will best meet the needs of their customers and also satisfy any regulatory requirements.

“We absolutely love our new website!!! Don, Cindy, and staff were a pure pleasure to work with. They are deeply knowledgeable and were eager to build a site to fit our needs. They were in constant contact with us through the build and were extremely quick in response regarding any need or question we threw at them. We highly recommend Moore Tech Solutions!” Lynn Quinn – Franklin Electric Cooperative




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July 27, 2019