Vulcan Biosciences

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Vulcan Biosciences, located in Birmingham, AL develops pharmaceutical products with a focus on Multiple Sclerosis and other nervous system disorders. They competed on a local Launchpad for seed money to test and further develop their lead product.

Vulcan Biosciences reached out to Moore Tech Solutions with a strict budget and deadline in mind. The turn around time required was shorter than our average build time but they only had days until they were to make a presentation and the website was to be part of that presentation.

We collaborated with one key member to get all of the information and assets gathered as quickly as possible and to discuss the top goals of the website. The website was launched on time and on budget to the success of Vulcan Biosciences.


Michael Heaven

“Moore Tech Solutions provided us with a 5-star outcome with our webpage with very fast turn-around time. They were very receptive to make the site the way we envisioned it, but beyond that, they improved the design and made it all extremely professional and easy to navigate. I’ve dealt with other website development companies in the past, and Moore Tech Solutions is truly at a higher level than anyone else.” Michael Heaven, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

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April 26, 2020