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Social Media Page Creation and Curated Social Media Posts

Sure, you know how important it is to grow your audience, but wouldn’t be easier if someone else did it?

Meaningful posts can be a great way to engage with your audience, and pushing that great content across multiple social platforms is a great way to be found. Let our content curators and social media experts help you to find your voice and share it with the world!

Social Media Pages are important when you need a presence. We can create and optimize your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

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Some Social Posting Questions

What Is Post Curation?

Curation is when you repost content written by an authoritative, non-competitive author. By reposting information posted by others you provide valuable information to your audience while saving time in having to write the content. By using an author with verified authority you can also take advantage of pulling in that author’s already procurred audience.

How Often Will You Post?

We offer 8 x month, 12 x month, or 20 x month. You select the frequency and we will curate the posts for you, send a list of the posts for your review, and push them across your platforms on a regular schedule.

Can I See and Approve The Posts First?

Once the posts have been selected by us we will send the entire month’s list of posts to you for your review. Ultimately, you have the authority to approve posts or not.

Which Platforms Do You Post To?

We will work with your existing social media pages that you would like to engage with to include Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to name a few.

What If I Don't Have Any Social Pages?

If you are interested in becoming active on social media you do not need to have an existing social media page. We can create your social pages for you to get you up and running quickly.

What Can I Expect?

Connect with your followers and build your audience to extend your reach using popular social media platforms. Moore Tech Solutions can help you to target your audience by establishing subjects that resonate with those that you are trying to reach and pushing those messages across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram using an automated posting schedule.

Local Search Results Services

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Selected For You

Content is selected from popular authors about topics that are interest driven and related to your specific business type or niche.

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Easy Approval System

We will send you a list of the posts so that you have a chance to view and approve posts before they are scheduled or posted.


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Automated Scheduling

Engagement can improve when your content is posted on a very regular schedule. Your audience will know when and how often to look for your posts.

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Engagement Reports

Reports will show you how often and what content your audience visited. Learn from their behavior what drives their interests.

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