In this latest update of McAfee Anti-Virus Plus and Security Scan Plus I ran into an issue and over the course of about 6 hours of head-banging finally managed to sleuth the problem and come up with a solution I thought I’d share.

The Problem

McAfee updated at the same time I was logged in to my Webdrive ftp client. I am a website developer and was in the process of uploading a very extensive css file that took me several days to write. I lost that file because McAfee’s new Scanning setting didn’t have any exceptions for the cache files or backup files.

The Solution:

So I went into the AntiVirus Plus Cpanel clicked on Real time Scanning-Schedule and Run Scans, clicked on scheduled scans, and excluded the cache and backup files.

HOWEVER, that wasn’t why I lost the CSS file. Ultimately I lost the file because the IP address had not been added into the Firewall. So I went to Firewall – View Firewall and AntiSpam settings, clicked on Firewall,Clicked on My Network Connections, and added a new range of IP addresses (I have over 100 sites on my MVS). If you only have trouble reaching one or two sites you can choose just the single IP field and add you trusted IP addresses there.

I hope this helps someone keep a full head of hair!

Link to discussion at McAfee