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Google and HTTPS

In an earlier post we discussed the fact that Google is using HTTPS as a ranking signal.   This means that sites connecting to the web via HTTPS might fare better in search results than those connected just via HTTP.  

Orange Beach Community Website

Moore Tech Solutions recently had the opportunity to provide services for the OBA Community Website.

Claim Your Free Business Listing on Yahoo

Not too long ago, customers would look through paper phone directories when looking for a business.  Currently most people use online searches to find the business they are looking for. 50 percent of customers will typically visit a business they have found through a mobile search within one day. 

FTP Login Frustration

When is the last time you need to find something but simply can't spot it? Whether it is a car key, a cell phone, or a destination on the old-fashioned map, not being able to find what you're looking for can be extremely frustrating.

Angie's List - What Should I do?

Angie’s List has recently removed their paywall. This means that you can now become a member without paying their annual fee. Also, reviews are now accessible to the general public. Now that reviews can be seen by all, not just paying users, what actions should you consider?

Although you may have heard about AMP by now, I am finding that most of the folks I have spoken to have not. So I wanted to take a few moments to explain what it is and how it can affect your website search result rankings in Google.

What is AMP?

Google launched the AMP project relatively recently, it is intended to bring mobile viewers their search content more quickly. It does this by requiring that websites or, at least, web pages are written in a way that is formatted to deliver speedy content.

Mobile Friendly Test

Of extreme importance in today's online world is for a company's site to be mobile friendly.  Google announced on May 17 that they have a new mobile-friendly testing tool available.  The new tool is cleaner and faster than the old.  Try your site to see if it passes the test!

All of the sites we are developing at Moore Tech Solutions are mobile friendly (also known as responsive). 

Hacking up 180% in 2015

Google announced Monday that they saw a “huge number of websites being hacked – a 180% increase compared to the previous year”.

They also saw an increase in sites with lower quality content, also called “thin-content”.

To address these issues Google used search updates to remove a number of hacked spam sites in search results.

Recently I had a chance to sit down with editBIOMED's founder Melanie Styers to pick her brain about her experience with starting a new online business after prevailing as one of Launchpad's much heralded seed money recipients.

editbiomed logo

ipad android icon bookmark

Have you ever noticed that when you save some websites to your phone's Home screen that some websites have cool icons while others either use a mashed up screen shot or just plain placeholder image? Wouldn't it be cool if your viewers could download a direct link to your website and place it on their home screens? Well this tip is going to show you how to do that.

If you follow these steps you can create and link to a cool icon for your website and learn how to download it to your phone's home screen!

Football Search Results no right column

The right side of desktop Google search results have been removed with paid ads only at the top and/or bottom of the page. 

Last April Google announced that sites which were mobile friendly would increase the chances of being considered relevant and thus improve search results.   Last week Google announced that in May they will start rolling out an update to mobile search results which increases the effect of the ranking signal. Users will find more mobile friendly search results.