3 SEO Website Improvement Tips

Three Basic Areas for Improving Your Website SEO

We are going to begin a series of blog posts regarding SEO basics.  Some recommendations we make are easy to implement while others will be more difficult and may require the help of a consultant. For this post we concentrate on three high level areas where you should concentrate your efforts.  These areas are: Optimize, Convert, and Promote.

  • Optimize – Your site needs to be optimized so that the search engines will index and rank your website high in their search results. You should find the best keywords (words or phrases that your prospects may use when searching for your type of business) and make sure that they are displayed consistently and correctly throughout your site.
  • Convert – You should define clear objectives for your website.  Are you providing information in order to obtain an e-mail address, secure a prospect, or perhaps trying to close a sale? Once a visitor arrives at your site you want to make sure that your goal is reached and they are converted to prospects or clients.
  • Promote – Once you have optimized your website for SEO and conversion you would like to grow your site traffic.  There are effective techniques you can use to get visitors to come to your website.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring each of these areas in more detail.  If you can’t wait for our next post – feel free to contact us!