Web Design in Birmingham AL – 15 Years and Counting

Web Design in Birmingham AL – 15 Years and Counting

Web Design for Startups

When we work with a new web client, or even an existing website client, we ensure that the website design is created with already existing branding in mind. It is important with startup companies to make sure to create cohesively branded materials with complimenting colors to work with the logo, any needed collateral (like brochures and flyers), email marketing templates, and of course, the website design itself. At Moore Tech Solutions we will work with startups to help guide them toward web-friendly colors, variations in logo design for use across many channels and assets, and building a brand that is expandable, portable, and energetic.

Website Design for Existing, Cohesive Branding

Existing companies that have some age to the brand must work to keep cohesive branding in mind when building any new assets so as to not disturb the brand’s impression or cause confusion to those who rely on brand recognition. At Moore Tech Solutions we gather as many branded assets as possible from existing companies in order to preserve a cohesive branding style when we design the website. The website design is then presented with variations and ideas in order to work well with a company’s future goals.

Birmingham’s Influence Over Web Design

While website design, in general, conforms to a standard that is fairly universal, there is also quite a bit of localization that can be brought to a company’s web design when trying to distinguish itself as a local resource. For example, if I were to look for a website that offered something I needed near me, then I would look for a few clues from the site to let me know they understood and appreciated the eclectic things that make Birmingham great. Local Birmingham websites do very well when they incorporate pieces of the culture and history that makes Birmingham what it is today.

Birmingham, AL is known for its creative energy, its artistic talent, and the way that it embraces, influences, and supports business startups. All of these things lead to a rich supply of resources to tap into when designing a local website, web design Birmingham style!

At Moore Tech Solutions, we are so proud to be a part of this vibrant community and have been happy to call it our home, our workplace, and the place we love to be most often. If you need to have a completely brand-new website or are just interested in refreshing your web design, we would be honored to talk with you. If you in or around the Birmingham, AL area we’ll even come to you!