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High Speed Website Hosting

U.S. Based Solid State Cloud Hosting for Websites

We offer fast, secure and reliable website hosting with automatic server failover across redundant servers.

Our website hosting is built on reliability and optimized for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Specialized servers offer lightening fast page loads with a 99.9% average uptime rate. Each hosting account we offer comes included with a security certificate and hardened against common virtual attacks.

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What’s Included in Our Website Hosting


Security Certificate (SSL)

Trust factor is a heavy consideration when it comes to SEO and your customers expectations

Restorable Backup Copy

We will take a full backup of the site and move a copy of it to our Amazon S3 cloud storage for safe keeping


Updated PHP Versions

Many hosts sell cheap hosting with old PHP versions that aren’t secure or able to handle modern sites

Some Common Website Hosting Questions

Can you move my site?

If you would like to switch to our high speed hosting we will be happy to take a backup of your current site then move the site to our cloud server. We will test the site before bringing it live to make sure that everything moved as it should.

To ask question or move to sign up for hosting just reach out to us!

Can I get a copy of my site?

When you host with us your site belongs to you. We will give you a portable, restorable copy to keep in your care.

What kind of server is it?

We offer LiteSpeed server hosting environment using a MySQL database. LiteSPeed is a replacement for Apache that has been optimized to run the three popular CMSs: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

How do you charge for hosting?

You can choose between monthly billing or annual billing. Our annual plans do offer a slight break in the price.

Do you charge for space and I/O?

Our standard hosting includes adequate space for a very large website and we do not charge usage fees for I/O.

What is a Restorable Backup Copy?

A restorable backup copy includes more than just the files and data. A restorable copy also includes a script that can be executed that will restore the backup copy to another server or the same server with little to no effort.

A backup copy that can be easily restored is portable and allows you to keep a copy of the website yourself just in case you decide that you need to switch your hosting accounts or web designer.

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