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At Moore Tech Solutions we understand that having a great site isn’t great if it can’t be found. We employ the use of advanced professional website diagnostics in order to evaluate your website’s current SEO footprint and make any necessary adjustments to improve your SEO on an ongoing basis. We will work with you on a strategy that fits your goals and your budget.

Targeting a marketing channel, analyzing the results, and making mid-course adjustments is a never ending process. Search engines change their criteria, customers change their needs, and keyword search trends change at a fairly regular frequency. There is no such thing as getting to the top and staying there, particularly if you are in a space that has a large number of competitors.

See What We Offer

Website Audit

We’ll run a search engine optimization audit to evaluate SEO issues for up to 500 pages on your website

Audit Report

You will receive a detailed report of the audit results that covers serious SEO errors and warnings


SEO Recommendations

From the report we will create a list of the items that need the most attention to improve your results

Some Common SEO Questions

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to the actions that can be taken to improve a website’s performance regarding its search engine rankings. 

Websites that are search engine optimized have a better chance of getting found by search engines. Sites that are not optimized can have speed issues, link issues, or content issues that lead a search engine to believe that it is of poorer quality.

Once I fix issues will my SEO always be good?

Unfortunately no. Search engines change their criteria so what may be important to them one day may not be so important the next. 

Also keep in mind what your competitors are doing. If your competition is spending a lot of time and money to get found they may soon out perform you, leading you back to a new audit to find more improvement opportunities.

Does my report result include remediation?

Auditing and remediation are two separate services. The audit is a tool that is run to measure your site’s improvement areas so that you will be aware of how search engines perceive you. 

Remediation are actions to correct issues found on that report. Because each website is different and each audit will turn up different measurement results, the cost for remediation will be different for every site based on the actions that are needed.

What areas are covered on my audit?

When we run an audit we evaluate the following items:

Overall Site Health

Number of errors with details

How Long Does It Take?

An audit and resulting report usually takes a few hours to complete. Typically we will schedule the audit then produce the report for you within 48 hours of the initial audit.

What Can I Expect?

After we complete your audit we will put together a detailed report about any issues including errors, warnings and improvement opportunities. Once we have run the audit and produced the report we can write out a detailed action list so that you can begin to make the corrections yourself. Alternatively, if you don’t want to tackle the remediation efforts we can produce an estimate of time and a monthly budget for us to work on making the improvements over time.

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