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Live chat has become the preferred method for many website visitors.  While many businesses think that customers prefer a phone contact, almost 80% of consumers prefer live chats because of the instant response.  We now provide a 24/7 website-based live chat service that is designed to capture and convert more qualified leads for your business. Industry-trained agents are available in Spanish and English to chat with your website visitors.

Why is Chat Valuable?

  1. 42% of consumers would prefer to provide contact information via chat – the highest of any lead generation channel.
  2. Chatters are 2.8x more likely to convert than other visitors.
  3. 53% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business they can message directly.

Pay For Performance

There is a modest installation fee for our live chat service and then a cost per lead. You can set your budget for how much you want to spend on leads each month!
We define a lead as qualified when:

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The visitor provides their name

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The visitor provides their contact information

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The visitor is within the business service area as defined by you

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The visitor is seeking a service provide by the Business

Defining Leads

When you receive a lead, it’s classified one of three ways:

“Sales” (billable)

Someone we’ve chatted with where we’ve obtained their name and contact information (phone number and/or email address), they’re interested in a product/service you provide, they’re within your geographic service area.

“Other” (non-billable)

Someone who’s outside of your geographic area, someone looking for a service your company doesn’t provide, someone looking for a job, etc.

“Service” (non-billable)

An existing customer of yours – they may be trying to reschedule an appointment, etc.

Flexible Scripting

We are experts in converting website visitors into valuable leads for your business. Our agents use a custom script we create specifically for your business.
How do we know what to say about your business? We rely on our expertise to create a custom script for your business. If you would prefer that we change the wording used or answer a question a different way just let us know.

That script can be modified to make sure we are communicating with your customers the way you want us to.

Key Features of our Live Chat

The addition of the live chat feature should increase your rate of converting a site visitor into a lead.  Some report that live chat increased their leads up to 40%.

One reason why pre-chat is so effective is that the Chat window lives in the browser, so the Chat window follows the visitor as they browse the site. Many other Chat vendors are still doing window based Chat, but our Chat software is browser based.

This style of chat invitation produces 61% more leads than other live chat invitations!

Facebook integration

Amplify your Facebook presence & Ad campaigns.

Integrate our software and service with your Messenger account to turn your Facebook pages into 24/7, qualified lead gen machines.

This can also be combined with “Message Us” ads for more effective Facebook ad campaigns.

Exit Popup

This optional feature delivers a pre-determined message to the visitor.  Exit-intent technology recognizes when visitors are leaving your website.

A pop up will appear offering the visitor one more chance to chat before they leave.

SMS Text-to-Chat

Conduct chats with your mobile visitors via text.
Prospects can begin SMS conversations with agents directly from your website.

Google My Business

With the Google My Business feature, visitors can chat with your business via the Google Maps app.
Agents can chat with these visitors on your behalf, collecting valuable lead info in the process.

Call Connect

What if a prospect decides they’re ready to speak with your business right now?

With Call Connect, chat agents connect qualified prospects directly to your office phones from the chat window.

Self Service/Chat Operator Rollover

Chat agents are available 24/7, but you also have the ability to take your own chats!

If you’re not available, inbound chats will rollover to an agent standing by.


Live chat works so well, sometimes it can produce too many leads!

With that in mind, you can budget leads each month so you’re only billed for what you can afford.


  • Our API allows for CRM and dashboard integrations.
  • Numerous companies have integrated this chat service with their proprietary CRM’s or dashboards. Don’t see your system here?  Let us know and we’ll work with you!

Chat is the wave of the future!

Live chat will capture more qualified leads for your business.

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