Website speed is a function of a number of technical areas including:

  • speed and quality of the Internet connection
  • capability of the browser to load quickly
  • size of the assets being transmitted
  • backend speed of the web servers
  • use of content delivery networks

Site speed has been listed as one of Google’s ranking factors. It is logical to conclude that if a search engine’s crawlers can move through your site information quickly they will give you a higher score for the part of their algorithm which influences your site’s appearance in search engine results.

Free site speed checker
At Moore Tech Solutions we use a number of tools to check site speed.  One of our favorites that is also free is  It provides some good information about your page loading times and assigns your site a grade.

Your site speed is important to at least some degree to the search engines and should be addressed accordingly.  However, at the end of the day what should be your primary consideration is your site visitors’ satisfaction. Are they getting the information they need about your business or organization as quickly as possible on their chosen device?