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The Company

At Moore Tech Solutions, Inc. we are passionate about Internet Technologies. Our front end graphic design team will work with you to create a cohesive, professional look and our back end development crew will create the customizations which your project requires.

Moore Tech Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is a web design company in Birmingham, AL. We provide web design, website development, search engine optimization (SEO) and other services to clients across the United States.

It is our goal to exceed expectations for each client we have the privilege to serve.

Where Are We?

Virtually we are everywhere, but locally we are in Birmingham, AL USA

While a large handful of our clients are here in the Birmingham metropolitan area, most of our clients are from different locations around the United States; everywhere from San Francisco, California to New York City.

We also serve a very broad range of clients internationally, as close as Mexico and as far away as Australia.

Those of our clients that are in the Southeastern United States enjoy that they can arrange for us to come to them whenever they need to have a professional web developer to talk to.

Our Experience

We are business geeks…we speak business but think nerd

As well as being technical professionals, we have extensive business backgrounds and always craft our solutions from a business perspective. We, too, are small business owners and understand the challenges of competing in a global marketplace. We want our client’s requirements to drive our technology recommendations, not the reverse.

We have crafted thousands of requirements by hundreds of clients over that past decade and a half. We will listen to your needs, research the best options available, and propose a solution custom fitted for your needs with a cost and delivery date you can count on.

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