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This is our frequently asked questions area.  We offer here questions we commonly receive and our responses.  Have a question that is not answered here? Feel free to contact us.

Website Development

What is the development process?

There are four simple steps in the development of a website: Planning and Design, Site Development, Quality Assurance and Testing, and Site Delivery. We work closely with you during our process so that we produce a product that is aligned with your expectations.

Explain the difference between site design and site development.

The site design is the actual layout including fonts, colors, positioning of elements, navigation and general look and feel. The site development is the actual build out of the site so that it becomes functional and accessible from the Internet.

How long does it usually take to develop a site?

This depends on site complexity and also on how responsive the client is for content they provide including text and images. The typical range from start to go live is 4 to 8 weeks.

What is a domain name and how important is it to have the ".com" extension in my domain name?

A domain name is the "address" of your website. The most important function of domain names is to provide an easily recognizable and memorable name to a numerically addressed Internet resource.  We generally recommend to our clients that they use the .com extension if it is available. We do believe that a meaningful name is more important than the extension. The downside of not having the ".com" is that whoever does own it may profit from your efforts.

Site images and copyrights

It is very important that you have the rights to use the images that are on your website. You can use existing images or photos that you own, MTS can help you with a photographer to create your own unique photos, or there are a number of stock photo sites where photos can be economically purchased. In any case we will not incorporate photos or images that you do not have the rights to use.


Your logo is the first thing people see and your initial opportunity to impress. If you like your existing logo we suggest incorporating into your site design for consistency. If not, we have a number of resources to provide you a first class logo.

Are sites designed by MTS mobile friendly? What is responsive design?

Yes, all of our sites we currently develop are mobile friendly also known as responsive. This is very important as more traffic now comes to sites from mobile devices than from desktops. Responsive design means that the site "responds" differently according to what type of device is calling the website. The layout will change accordingly so that the site visitor will have the optimum viewing experience.

What web development platforms do you work with?

We have developed sites as straight HTML, Joomla and WordPress. We primarily use Joomla as we find it provides the best combination of security and flexibility that our clients expect. Though a site may start off fairly simple, most site owners want additional features as time moves on and Joomla is well suited for this task.


Do you provide custom code or integrations?

Yes, our staff often produces custom code for a particular task (typically PHP) and we are very experienced in integrating with various applications.

Will my site be unique?

Yes.  We build each of our sites from the ground up.  No cookie cutter sites here!

Can I make updates to my site?

Absolutely! We use content management systems that make it quite easy for basic site updates to be made by a non-technical person.

What is hosting and what do you provide?

For a website to be Internet accessible it must be on a web server which has Internet connectivity. This web server is referred to as the "host". We work with several high quality hosting companies and will recommend the configuration which we feel is appropriate for your needs.

Our basic hosting package will provide sufficient disk space and bandwidth for your site. This also includes an annual backup and software updates (within version, paid components billed to client at our cost). Expanded maintenance and support plans are also available.

Site Promotion

How can I get traffic to my site?

This is a broad question but at its most basic, we develop sites to be "search engine friendly". We employ various techniques in architecting the site to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to "crawl" the site. The most important item is to have content which is aligned with your business which is set up in a manner that it is attractive and can be easily found.

Do you provide search engine optimization services?

Yes, this is a very important aspect of our services. We provide basic SEO for all sites and more expanded ongoing SEO for clients who need that service.

What is social media?

Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies which turn communication into interactive dialogue. Examples of different social media types include: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Do you provide social media services?

Yes. We can link to existing social media, synch galleries as appropriate, or set up completely new social media accounts.

Do you provide analytics?

We install Google Analytics on all client sites.

Site Maintenance

Do you charge for site maintenance?

Our basic hosting package includes annual backups and certain software updates. For those clients who have sites with fairly static content, this is usually sufficient.

Clients who have active sites receiving significant traffic or which are frequently updated with new content may require a closer watch on backups and software updates. We have support plans available for those clients.

How about occasional updates?

We can provide services for updates on a per project basis or per hour.

But don’t just take our word...

I cannot express how pleased I am with this company, their services and quality of work. They finished my project in record time and were in direct communication with me the entire time. I've already emailed them asking to send me an entire list of their services! Will definitely use them again when I can. Fantastic experience. Wish every company was like this! 5 STARS!

Creek Stewart
Survival Instructor /Author/TV Personality

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