What to Expect from Moore Tech Solutions

Moore Tech Solutions

If, like a car, your website is not correctly “aligned” to meet your objectives, you may ultimately get close or even reach your desired destination, but the process is likely to be more painful than necessary.  If the situation is more analogous to the dog being ready for a walk, your choice of who you want to lead you through the rough and tumble of designing and developing your site will directly influence your reaching your destination in a manner that meets your objectives.

Over the development of websites for clients across the United States, we have found that there are consistent areas of consideration which should be addressed prior to website development. They include the following:

  1. What is the site supposed to accomplish – sell products, inform, educate?
  2. Who will visit the site – prospects, customers, both?
  3. Is there an existing web presence that should be evaluated for areas of improvement or is this effort starting from scratch?
  4. Who are the competitors in this space?
  5. What is my willingness to be involved in the process?  If is it minimal then this will negatively impact your ultimate results.
  6. Do I have special security requirements?
  7. Am I aware of or acquainted with a web developer with significant experience that I trust and with whom I have a good rapport (more on that later).*
  8. Am I willing to use an off the shelf solution or would I prefer something which is more closely tailored to my business or organization?
  9. Do I want to be involved in maintaining the site content or do I want to hire this task?

Finally you should consider if your expectations are well thought out and realistic.  Your online marketing company (i.e. web developer) should be able to help walk you through each area so that you know what to expect before embarking on the process of developing or expanding your online presence.

*We once had a prospect who remarked “I can’t find anyone who likes their website development company after the project has concluded”.  At Moore Tech Solutions, we strive for our clients to be pleased with our efforts before, during, and after project completion.