Important! Your Site Needs to be Mobile Friendly!

Last April Google announced that sites which were mobile friendly would increase the chances of being considered relevant and thus improve search results.   Last week Google announced that in May they will start rolling out an update to mobile search results which increases the effect of the ranking signal. Users will find more mobile friendly search results.


What is mobile friendly?  It is also known as responsive and means the website will layout differently when viewed from a mobile device such as Android or iPhone.  Sites optimized for mobile viewing are “stickier” for site visitors because of the ease of navigation.  Have you ever tried to view a full size site which is “shrunk down” on a mobile device? Not easy.   Here is Google’s mobile friendly test.

Are you still not sure?  Google has also announced the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, also known as AMP.  While this initiative is still in its infancy  it is coming soon and something of which you should be aware.

Mobile searches surpassed desktop searches in 2015.  If your site is not mobile friendly you are certainly losing traffic, search results are being impacted negatively, and you are likely losing sales.  Ensuring that you are ready for mobile site visitors should be an essential part of your digital planning.