How Does Technology Affect Web Development?

How Does Technology Affect Web Development

As companies try to reach out further to a wider audience, website development has become even more in-demand in this past decade. Because a growing number of people rely on search engines to locate needs and research information, website development is continuously shifting and evolving to help present offerings and information to those looking. Understanding how technology has the power to influence, change, and affect how a user accesses, navigates and digests information on your site is essential, whether you already have a website for your business or if you are thinking of building a new one from the ground up.

Mobile-Friendly Advances in Web Development

One of the biggest changes to the development of websites as technology continues to progress includes responsive browsing. Responsive browsing was around even before the invention of mobile smartphone technology. As new browsers, aside from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, began to roll out and get released users began noticing that websites loaded and appeared differently depending on which browser was being used to access the site. New styling rules were then created to address these differences.

Now, responsive website development usually refers to a website that looks the same, or at least similar, even if the site is being viewed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. With the advancement of styling and development languages like CSS3, HTML 5, and jQuery a website can even determine more information about the site visitor: the device that is viewing the website, the size of the device, the location of the user, the preferred language of the user, and more. This allows not only the ability to serve up a site’s layout that has been formatted for a user’s device but also to display content specific to marketing needs based on user information, like the location.

As technology becomes quicker, smarter, and more advanced, keeping up with various changes online and with web development is a must for any company that wants to be found online.

Website Builders vs. Content Management System

While using a hosted website-builder service may provide premade templates and the ability to build a website to those who are unfamiliar with web design and web development, they are also extremely limiting when it comes to creating a unique and one-of-a-kind website layout for an online presence for business and branding. While web development time is decreased it is very difficult to control things like SEO and site analytics on these types of websites.

Using a CMS, or a Content Management System is another option. With a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, the site will be built by the website developer, but the content can be added and edited by the site owner. The website will be built on a hosting provider that will give access to all files and databases, and things like SEO, site speed, and analytics can be easily adjusted.

Website Design Trends

As time passes, new trends arrive. This is not only true for those who have an avid interest in the fashion industry, but for all industries, including web development. Designing websites requires the ability to brainstorm creatively, work with color theory, and appeal to users based on their wants, needs, and personal preferences.

Having the ability to monitor and track the latest trends in design, applications, and the internet is essential when developing websites. Without the ability to keep up on the latest design trends, your website may quickly become outdated and no longer relevant to its intended audience.

Changes in technology like screen sizes or the influences of applications has a profound effect on what users expect when they navigate a website. Web development that is not forward-thinking can leave some of your audience to think that you do not care about their needs or bother to keep up with expectations.

Trends in website development can also be greatly influenced by location. For example, if you live in Birmingham, incorporating local designs into development can help you to reach your local audience. Read Birmingham’s Influence Over Web Design for more information.

Shifts in Marketing

While developing a website does not require marketing in itself, marketing trends, inventions, and changes in the online landscape have a major impact on the overall success of a website and its online presence. Following the latest and upcoming trends or shifts in online marketing is essential to a web development firm, even those that have years or decades of experience in the industry.

As time passes, individuals become more familiar with various formats of advertising and marketing, leading to a form of “ad blindness” for most. Getting creative and remaining innovative is imperative when you are building a new website and thinking of ways to promote and market it to other users and prospective customers online.

If users are accessing your website via social media or with the use of their mobile phones, it is important to cater to your website’s design and development to ensure their ability to access, view, and navigate your site without running into an issue or encountering an error during the process.

At Moore Tech Solutions, Inc. we track the latest trends to be able to reach an intended audience regardless of their age range, gender, location, and even various interests or hobbies they have.

Website Tools for 2023

As technology continues to advance, new features are invented for those who own and manage their websites. Whether you are interested in sharing a live chat plugin with your visitors or if you want to allow users to create their accounts on your website, keeping up with the latest changes and advancements made in the technology industry is a must.

Other features that were not originally around when the internet began to become commonplace include live chatrooms, live video streaming, commenting in real-time, and even online ordering for those interesting in placing takeout or delivery orders from the comfort of their own homes. As technology evolves, be sure to keep up with the latest online trends to keep your users and loyal customers coming back for more.

Changes in Website Development

Over time, web development has drastically changed, especially since the dawn of the internet. With the advent of social media, URL extensions, downloadable apps, and mobile smartphone technology, accessing and browsing the internet has now become commonplace rather than a privilege for the wealthy or those who are extremely tech-savvy. As the entire landscape of the internet began to shift, the development of websites and methods used to build websites began to also shift and change simultaneously.

A Website Development Company in Birmingham, AL

Moore Tech Solutions, a web development and digital marketing company in Birmingham AL, will develop your website in a way to ensure that your website is built with today’s technology and the latest advances. Choosing to work with professionals like us, who specialize in website development, is not only a way to ensure your website is built and developed properly, but also ensures that site users can access, view, and browse your website with ease.

Moore Tech Solutions, Inc. can provide you with valuable insight into the type of website that will likely perform the best for you, based on the target audience and demographics you want to reach within your niche. We will work with you to create an online experience for your users and prospective customers that is positive and unforgettable in any market or industry.